Bavette Steak, Fresh Pea Pods, Mushrooms

I often get questioned about the cost of meat and the affordability of eating great meat when you are on a budget. I’d like to present you with a simple recipe from a cut of meat you usually don’t hear about but that we carry regularly- and sell out of regularly.

Pick up one Bavette Steak which is approximately 1.25-1.50lbs and it will cost you around $20.
Grab some fresh pea pods (immature peas) from your garden (like we did) or purchase some. You won’t spend more than $2 at Market. Grab some fresh mushrooms. Again, a few bucks.

Thaw your bavette steak completely. Do not skip this step. Cut it into some bite size pieces or strips, whatever your preference. Salt, pepper it. Put it in a zip lock bag and add about a ¼ cup soy sauce and a few tablespoons of garlic, minced. Let sit for an hour.

Trim your pea pods and slice your mushrooms, throw them in the pan with some pork fat/butter and fry them up just a bit. Set them aside. Put your bavette steak in the pan with some good quality olive oil, all that garlic and soy sauce and fry. Turn the pieces as they brown on each side. Once they are browned on each side, toss in those peas and mushrooms on top, give them a stir for a few minutes, and for God’s sake don’t over cook that bavette. If you do, don’t tell me. It should still be red in the middle when you take it off.

Put everything in a nice serving bowl and serve just as it is or add some rice if you have company over.

Now, for the finances. With the rice, this meal is going to cost you around $4 a person. At a restaurant, not that you’d find this dish, you’d pay $30 or more. You can’t eat at a fast food restaurant for this cheap! Without rice, which is how we had it, to cut down on our carbs, it would come out at about $5 a person. Who says eating great is not affordable? Not me. You just got to put the time and effort into your meal. This meal took us about 30 minutes, minus the time to marinate the steak and grow our peas!

Ingredient List

1 Bavette Steak
4 cups pea pods
3 cups mushrooms
Olive Oil


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