Pastured Raised, Grain Finished Beef Share

$240.00/lb. or per package

We’re sourcing these Grain Finished Hereford cattle from farms outside of the Owen Sound, ON area. All our Beef in the MSP gets a minimum of 3 weeks dry-aged for maximum tenderness and flavour. They are the embodiment of what we look for in a farm raising livestock. Small Farms, Good Meat.

In a truly sustainable fashion, we offer pastured meat as whole carcasses and as shares. This way, we put the entire animal to good use. Purchasing meat this way means you’ll find new and unusual cuts. Fear not—we’re here to help!

One Share of Beef approximately 20lbs, will take the form of:

Roughly 5-6lbs ground beef in packs of 1.5lbs

2x Wing Steaks (bone in NY Strips)

2x Bone in Rib Steaks

2lbs stewing beef

4lb shoulder roast

3lb pressed beef burgers (unseasoned)

3lb short ribs

2lb skirt steak

1.5lb flat iron

bones & fat for rendering

This is an example of a share. Because some cuts are limited, we cannot include every cut in each share.

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