Lamb Share

$350.00/lb. or per package

This is some truly special Lamb from Beverly Creek in Millgrove, ON. They graze on seasonal pastures and enjoy the very fortunate situation of not having to travel at harvesting time as Beverly Creek is also one of the best provincial abattoirs in Ontario.

In a truly sustainable fashion, we offer pastured meat as whole carcasses and as shares. This way, we put the entire animal to good use. Purchasing meat this way means you’ll find new and unusual cuts. Fear not—we’re here to help!

One 1/2 Lamb Share will take the form of;

Roughly 4-5lbs ground lamb in packs of 1.5lbs;

2x arm chops

2x blade chops

1x rack of lamb

4x loin chops

2x sirloin (chump) chops

1x bone in leg

2x lamb shanks

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